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What is a Life Coach?

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You turn to experts when you’re buying a house or planning for retirement. Doesn’t it also seem wise to seek out an expert when you need help creating a more satisfying life? A Life Coach is a trained, skilled professional who works with people to help them create the life of their dreams. A life coach can help you identify priorities and establish an action plan to achieve your goals.

Life coaching is not therapy, counseling or psychiatric treatment. Counseling is for people who need help to heal from a painful past. Coaching is for people who are basically well-adjusted and emotionally healthy. Their life functions O.K., yet they want to make changes that will expand their potential. Coaching it is all about growing and moving toward a fulfilling and exciting future.

Life coaching is not about giving advice because this only creates dependency. As a life coach, I seek to empower my clients. I help them look at their situation from a fresh perspective so that they can reach their own conclusions about what to do.

One of the reasons that coaching is so powerful is that it is designed to meet your unique needs. Coaching is customized to best support you so that you can reach your goals and vision in less time than you would expect.

As your life coach, I will help you form a plan and begin taking inspired action. I also provide encouraging accountability to ensure that you are able to successfully navigate through the obstacles that typically arise on the path to achieving your goals.

If you would like to breakthrough the obstacles that have been hindering you from living the life of your dreams, why not hire me to be your life coach? Click here to start now!

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