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Seven Powerful Questions That Can Change Your Life

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As a life coach, I have found that asking my clients insightful questions is fifty times more powerful than advice giving. This has even been confirmed by neuroscientists. As Michael Marquardt, the author of Leading with Questions observed:

“The act of questioning actually has a physiological impact on the human brain. The neurons make more connections because of the body’s need to deal with a question.”
When I ask my coaching clients empowering questions, they quickly identify what part of their life is working well and what part needs to change. They gain direction for setting goals and developing action steps to achieve them.

If you do not determine with clarity your desires and goals for your “ideal life” you will continue to think, act, and live no differently than before. As the saying goes, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you’ve been getting.” However, when you work with a life coach who asks insightful questions, you will literally begin the process of creating your dream for your future.

My clients report that simply answering the questions I ask them gives them increased clarity and helps them to stay focused on reaching their goals. It is amazing that something so simple can be so transformational. Answering insightful questions is the first step towards creating a life that you love. Here are some simple yet powerful questions that will help you get you regain momentum on achieving your goals:

1.) What do you really want and why do you want it? (List all of the benefits you will receive when you achieve your goal).

2.) What has prevented you from achieving this goal?

3.) So far, what specifically have you done to make progress?

4.) Is there a way that you could make the task more enjoyable?

5.) What would be the smallest or easiest first step to take?

6.) What’s one action you could do immediately that would only take 10 or 15 minutes?

7.) How will you reward yourself when you complete this action step?

I recommend that you write your answers in a journal and immediately take a small action step to achieve your dreams.  If you need additional help, I am available for Life Coaching.  I would be honored to serve as your life coach.

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