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What is Your Greatest Source of Stress?

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Unless you’re living in a monastery, you probably deal with stress on a daily basis. Long commutes, deadlines and competing time demands can make it seem like stress is coming at you from all sides. In a recent Time/CNN poll, 40 percent of Americans described themselves as “always rushed.” The pace of life in the Western world is definitely speeding up with work hours and job demands continuing to increase.

What is your greatest source of stress? If you are like me, your #1 source of stress is trying to meet deadlines at work. Some of my “deadline stress” is caused by my own procrastination. Some people are good at managing their time, but they are constantly dealing with unreasonable workloads. Others may be stressed-out by difficult bosses or toxic coworkers.

Nearly three out of five employees say they’re worse off financially this year, according to a survey by ComPsych. For these folks, trying to pay their bills is their #1 source of stress. This type of stress can seem unrelenting, as they scramble to pay their bills and avoid late fees and penalties.

For some people, raising children is their #1 source of stress. I really enjoy being a father to my two children. Yet, helping them with their homework and driving them to their various activities can be stressful. It is not so much the activity itself that is stressful. The problem is that I often lose track of time and I end up running late for our appointments. I also notice that I don’t have that much “down time” since I became a parent.

Now it is your turn. What is your greatest source of stress? Have you found any strategies for reducing stress? I’d love for you to leave a comment!

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One Response to “What is Your Greatest Source of Stress?”
  1. Rubi says:

    Dear Del,
    I work in a Level 1 Trauma Center, Surgical/Trauma ICU, my job in itself is very stressful. When there are “codes” I have learned to take a deep breath and do my basic ABCDs…. I have learned that I cannot control the situation but I can control how I react.
    ABC’s of Life:

    Airway -> Do they have a secured airway? Can they get the oxygen that they need? (Do I have a secured airway? Do I have an anchor that will bring life into me? Examples God, husband, family and friends.)

    Breathing-> If they are not breathing we need to breath for them. (Breathing is not just oxygen but it is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Am I getting an exchange of good things in my life and releasing the bad?)

    Circulation-> Do they have a pulse? (more importantly do I have a pulse? Do I have life in me?)

    Thanks Del.