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The Success Secret of Margaret Thatcher


On April 8, 2013, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher passed away. Margaret Thatcher was the only female British Prime Minister in all history with 11 and half years of rule, winner of 3 general elections in a row. She was truly a great leader of a conservative political party.

When she stepped down as Prime Minister, she left Great Britain with a sound and growing economy. Her policies and decisions helped revitalize the nation and ensured that they would continue to have a strong and confident future. She had great leadership skills, but her real “success secret” was courage and persistence in the midst of crisis.
Margaret Thatcher earned the nickname “Iron Lady” due to her bold and tenacious leadership style. On one occasion she said,

“Defeat-I do not recognize the meaning of the word!”

In another speech, given in 1983, she declared:

“The choice facing the nation is between two totally different ways of life. And what a prize we have to fight for: no less than the chance to banish from our land the dark, divisive clouds of Marxist socialism and bring together men and women from all walks of life who share a belief in freedom.”

Ms. Thatcher faced strong political opposition and challenges that came along with her role. She continually stood firm and responded with great courage. Ms. Thatcher was able to quickly see an opportunity and take it, in spite of the risks involved. She was able to make clear decisions even in times of terrible crisis.

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

In domestic policy, monetarism was the right tool needed for her nation to thrive and she believed in this wholeheartedly. She wanted to promote individual rights and private enterprises as well as generally increase competition in the economy. In spite of relentless opposition, she was able to lower taxes and reduce the size of government. She encouraged free market policy in the country and worked with the trade unions to achieve this. She stood strong against Trade Union strikes and intimidations from them until they were under the law. This restored the balance between an employer and the workforce. As she explained in 1984:

“I came to office …to change Britain from a dependent to a self-reliant society – from a give-it-to-me to a do-it-yourself nation. A get-up-and-go, instead of a sit-back-and-wait-for-it Britain.”

She moved to implement privatization by merging the working class section of the country with the conservatives which led to shareholding in Britain’s economy. This was ultimately so successful that it grew steadily even after she left office.

She stood strong for her nation and instituted unpopular policies which ultimately led to increased respect for Britain as a leading world power. She instituted close ties with the United States as well as limiting pretensions in Europe. This led her developing a strong relationship with President Ronald Reagan. Her strong ties with the U.S on terrorism, justice, liberty and other issues led to the final fall of communism in Russia.

Margaret Thatcher was truly an amazing lady, who will be greatly missed.

Margaret Thatcher

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