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Are You Living According To Your Highest Values?

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On one occasion, someone asked Mahatma Gandhi to sum up his message in a brief way. He replied, “My life is my message.”

When I first read that quote it really made me stop and think. I asked myself, “If my life is my message, what message am I sending to others?” For example, we all have a finite amount of time. What message am I sending about how I use my time? How I use my time shows my loved ones (especially my children) what is most important to me. Can they tell how much I love them by watching how I spend my time?

There are so many things that can distract us. Are you living your life according to your highest values? How you spend your time is a huge indicator of your values. If your family is truly your priority, then you must put time, energy and thought into how you can help them and show them that you love them. Children and (adults too) spell love T-I-M-E.

The following questions will help you live according to your highest values:

  1.  Do you find time for the special people in your life?
  2. If someone were to follow you around for a week, would they see you spending lots of quality time with your loved ones?
  3. If you had only one year to live, how would you want to spend your time? Who would you want to spend your time with?

Asking yourself these questions will help you stay on track and live your life according to your highest values. When you live this way, you will be happier and ultimately live a life of great impact.

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