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What Type Of Music Is Best For Reducing Stress?

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Today I listened to the song, “Weightless” by Marconi Union.  According to scientists, it is the most relaxing song ever created.  Sleep experts are even warning people not to listen to the song while they are driving their car.  Scientists at the Mindlab Institute say it is incredibly effective at lowering your stress.  However it can make you quickly fall asleep, so you shouldn’t listen to it while you are driving. You can hear the eight minute song for free at this website: Marconi Union’s Weightless. Other relaxing songs recommended by the Institute include “Electra” by Airstream and “Watermark” by Enya.

I personally find these songs almost “too relaxing” to the point of being boring.  Fortunately, I have found some songs that are upbeat, yet great for reducing stress.  These songs fall into the category of “smooth jazz.”  My favorites are “Tinsel Town,” “At Last” and “The Morning After” by Ronny Jordan. I’m also a huge fan of Doc Powell. Some of his songs that I enjoy are “Ode to Chet,” “Breezin,” “Two Hearts,” and “Thank You.”

I enjoy playing music in the background, while doing chores or paying bills.  It keeps me a good mood, even when I’m writing checks. It can also be helpful to listen to music at your workplace to reduce stress.  When I am working on my computer, I enjoy listening to, a free internet music service.  What is great about this service is that you can quickly create your own custom radio station that only plays music that you like.  Another advantage of is that your “radio station” rarely plays commercials.

There is not a single music style that is best for everyone.  Since we all have different tastes, it is important that you avoid any music that you find nerve-racking.  Some people enjoy relaxation “music” that has the sound of the ocean in the background while soothing piano music plays.  However, I personally do not find this type of music very useful for reducing stress.

It is helpful to experiment with different types of music to see what helps you the most.  You should avoid any music that makes you feel gloomy.  It’s also not a good idea to play certain types of ballads or songs that remind you of a sad time in your life.  Since you’re trying to lower your stress, you do not need to listen to a song that might bring back unpleasant memories.

I encourage you to take time every day to listen to uplifting music.  Music truly is a powerful tool for stress reduction.  Now it is your turn.  What songs do you find most helpful for reducing stress?  Share your insights in the box below.

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2 Responses to “What Type Of Music Is Best For Reducing Stress?”
  1. Gretch says:

    For me, when I am stressed or panicking over a homework assignment I go with a calm encouraging soundtrack…yes a soundtrack like Howard Shore’s score of Lord of the Rings, Breaking of the Fellowship. Otherwise I’ll go with a little more upbeat soundtrack like How to Train Your Dragon. The songs are so familiar to me that it calms me and helps me focus.

  2. Jacob says:

    Every one have have a tast of musice. Warther it rock or classical .. What ever it may be to come your nerves Down it would be the best thing….