Friday, April 19, 2024

Do you suffer from “Hurry-up Sickness?”

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According to Brent W. Bost, M.D., 30 million American women are likely suffering from “Hurry-up Sickness.” It comes from constantly living in “overdrive” and attempting to get more and more things done. Dr. Bost has found that women who live this way are more prone to tiredness, moodiness, weight gain and even low libido. He documents his research in his book, “The Hurried Woman Syndrome.”

It seems that all of us (both men and women) are living life in the fast lane. The pace of life in American is definitely speeding up, as the following statistics demonstrate:

1.) The average work-week has increased to 47 hours. It was only 34 hours two decades ago.

2.) Most Americans sleep 90 minutes less per night than their great-grandparents did.

3.) Many families feel that they do not have as much time to prepare home-cooked meals. Children consumed 300 percent more “fast food” in 1996 than in 1977. In 1970 Americans spent $6 billion on fast food. In 2000 we spent $110 billion. In 2010 we are expected to spend $134 billion on fast food. Also, one-third fewer families report that they regularly eat together compared to surveys conducted three decades ago.

How about you? Do you feel that your life is moving “faster and faster?” Do you have any of the symptoms of “Hurry-up Sickness?” Share your thoughts in the “comment area” below. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Do you suffer from “Hurry-up Sickness?””
  1. Rubi says:

    Hi Del,
    It seems like we live in a world that is fast pace and we have no control over time. How many times have I told myself “Stop the clock” then to find out 2 hours have past. We live by the clock, schedules, and appointments. I have learned to say “I will enjoy my time and experience…..” I know this may sound strange but I no longer wear a watch unless I go to work.
    Do you have any other tips that may help me live a nonhurry lifestyle?
    Thanks Del.

  2. This is SO true! I find myself constantly telling my littles one to “hurry up, let’s go, we’re late!” I think I need to take a page from their book and learn to slow down and enjoy things more!

    If you have any tips on clearing your “plate” (and KEEPING it cleared!), I’m all ears. Thanks!