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Guest Post: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stress in the Mornings

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Are your mornings hectic? Do you get stressed trying to get yourself and/or the kids out the door?

With two little ones, ages 5 & 2, we seem to spend a lot of time in chaos. Our mornings are fraught with flying clothing, papers, toys and books while we try to find a matching shoe, a pair of socks (they don’t even have to match each other!), the keys to the house….you get the idea!

Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way that help immensely:

  • Have a “ready to go” basket by the door with everything that you and/or the kiddos need to leave the house – backpacks, homework, briefcase, etc.
  • If you have kids in multiple activities/sports, have a bag for the soccer uniforms/cleats, a bag for music lessons, a bag for dance, etc. Keep a basket by the washing machine for dirty uniforms to go in as soon as they get home.

A quick glance in the dirty-uniform basket or the “go” bag will let you know if they have everything set to go the next morning.

  • Prepare snacks/lunch the night before.
  • Do you need coffee to get going in the morning? Use a coffee-maker with a timer and set it the night before so your cup of joe will be brewed and waiting for you.
  • Have everyone lay out their clothes the night before. This is especially helpful to let you know if an “emergency” load of laundry needs to be done!
  • Have a special place to put your keys right when you walk in the door – whether it’s a hook, or a pouch that hangs on your doorknob. Make sure that you put them in there every single time. That way you’ll know just where to look just as you’re going out the door. (and remember, if you have young kids this spot oftentimes has to be out of their reach. Otherwise, who knows where you’ll find them!)
  • Everybody has a hook to hang their coats/snowpants/hats and a place to put their shoes. The minute they enter the house, they have to put their items in the designated spot. (You too, parents!)
  • Young kids can help too (as early as 1 or 2). Keep the coat hooks low enough for them to have access to, and block out a spot for them on the floor with tape where their shoes belong.

Now to de-clutter the rest of the house….if you see that cleaning fairy, send her my way, would ya?

Stephanie Dakin is a Christian mommy of 2, She enjoys setting up websites and writing on her own blog, when she isn’t chasing after the kiddos or hanging with her husband!

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One Response to “Guest Post: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stress in the Mornings”
  1. I really like this article, especially the part about preparing the food the night before! Nothing is worse than waking up to a messy kitchen….unless you leave with it messy, too.