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Studies show that stress has an incredible, negative impact on your health. 

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From: Coach Del Hickson

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   Dear Stressed-Out Friend,

    Are you feeling frazzled?  Overwhelmed? I used to feel this way, and let me tell you - it's no way to live.    
Fortunately, in just 7 days you can reverse fatigue, tame your stress and start thriving again.

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   Less" and "Breaking Free from Toxic Work Stress".

Here are some of the helpful things you will learn:

Learn 7 ways to quickly & easily stop the stress cycle so you can enjoy a more balanced life.

How to use the power of ________ to stop stress in its tracks.
Learn the single most powerful tool for relieving your current stress and preventing future stress!
Discover the 3 most common types of toxic work stress & how to successfully overcome them.

Get Free Access to My 2 Reports and MP3s  "Tame Your Stress in 7 Days or Less" and "Breaking Free from Toxic Work Stress".

I really enjoyed reading Tame Your Stress.  Del Hickson has created a step-by-step program filled with insight and important life lessons.  It has practical tools and techniques that will help manage life's many stressors.       
                                               -Dr. David A. Emmert, Psy.D.                                                                 Psychologist and Instructor
                                                San Jose State University

As a busy mommy of two little ones, I needed a quick and easy-to-implement solution to help me out with my stress levels. 
Coach Del not only identifies some causes of stress, but he gives you action items that are very easy to do - and they're effective!

Thank you Coach Del, for your great advice!

Stephanie Dakin

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